Technologically advance your customer service and promote loss control management

DataFlow is the flag reporting and call management system that enables you to monitor your
employee’s performance in the field.

Accountability can now be performance based and our GPS tracking and photographic
technology will provide you with better security and clarity.

We provide a medium that gives you peace of mind with the power to view company
operations at any time and lead to greater levels of operational standards.

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What DataFlow can do for you
  • Issues and reports can be dealt with fast and effectively.  Daily information is centralized. Paper trails are cut out.

  • Assists in troubleshooting and managing appointments and tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Operates through the internet and is accessible via a PC, laptop or smart phone.

  • Employees can be located via GPS.

  • Real-time reports of sales, issues, tasks and performance can be audited.

  • Images can be, captured and linked to issues or appointments.

  • DataFlow is user friendly and highly customizable as per your requirements.

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