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About Us

UTH (Universal Technology Holdings) is an IT and business solutions based company that is committed and primarily focused in offering web and mobile application solutions.

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In the constantly evolving consumer driven society companies need to be at the top of their game ensuring that their services and solutions are at the forefront of innovation. IT applications have been modified and developed over the years to keep up with near constant change.

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This agile ability requires a different philosophy, innovative technology and mobility. UTH'a technical services, specialized applications, software and mobile applications create relevant, cost effective business solutions for medium to large companies.

UTH successfully employs and deploys the relevant skills and technologies within its existing infrastructure thereby satisfying client's individual needs and budgets. Satisfactory deadline driven turnaround times are maintained.

UTH strives to be exclusive, fully fledged market leader in specialized application development and mobile solutions without having to outsource compatible providers across the IT spectrum to satisfy our clients' needs.

UTH develops, hosts and maintains web business solutions including mobile applications thereby offering the latest technology solutions and business models that leverage on current business conditions and trends.

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